Sheikh at his Office in Sydney
Sheikh at Imam Hussain Majlis
Sheikh leading the prayer during Arbaeen in Karbala
Sheikh reading at his Office
Sheikh speaking at Ashura
Sheikh with Sayed Jawad al-Shahrestani and some Australian youth
Sheikh with Grand Ayatollah al-Hakim




Sydney faced an unprecedented challenge that shocked Australia and the world earlier in the week that saw the loss of two innocent Australians and others injured during the criminal acts in the Sydney CBD. During the crisis, there was constant communication between us and leaders of various faiths, the Premier of New South Wales, Ministers of Parliament and the Commissioner of NSW Police to address the crisis in solidarity and come to a common point on a way forward.

We, together, agreed to hold a common public inter-faith gathering to mourn the loss of these innocent Australians as well as to unify our stance and promote peace and harmony.

All brothers and sisters are invited to this public inter-faith gathering:

Where: St Mary’s Cathedral – St Marys Road – Sydney CBD

When: Friday 19th of December at 9am to 10am

Office of Ayatollah Al-Ansari – Sydney

 في اثناء اللحظات العصيبة التي مر بها كل مواطن في استراليا تمت اتصالات واجتماعات عدة بيننا وبين قادة الاديان في استراليا ورئيس حكومة نيو ساوث ويلز ووزراءه ورئيس شرطة الولاية لحل هذه الازمة الشديدة.

وتفاديا لتداعياتها قررنا جميعا ان يكون هناك تجمع جماهيري مشتركا فعلى من يحب ان يشارك ابناء وطنه الحضور لتوحيد الكلمة ونشر الامان.

تفاصيل التجمع اعلاه.

مكتب اية الله الشيخ الانصاري



We pay our condolences to all our fellow Australians, especially the families of the innocent victims of this criminal attack. We also pray for the fast recovery of the injured victims

Testing times like these remind us of the value of unity and national solidarity in protecting Australia from all evil and the need to promote social harmony and peace

Criminal acts have no place in any faith or country

Office of Ayatollah Al-Ansari



His Eminence Ayatollah Al-Ansari’s keynote speech at the National Forum of Shia  Organisations 10th of September 2014

الكلمة الافتتاحية لسماحة آية الله الشيخ محمد حسين الأنصاري في المؤتمر الوطني للمؤسسات الشيعية في استراليا 2014

بيان الاحداث الاخيرة

arabic announcement 

Important Press Release regarding recent statements by Grand Ayatollah Ali Al-Sistani

Press Release 


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